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Joren Meulemans


Joren Meulemans

My name is Joren Meulemans.

I qualified with an MSc in Physiotherapy from the University of Leuven in 2014.

After completing my studies in 2014, I started working in the Heilig Hart hospital and 2 multidisciplinary practices in Leuven.

There I was able to specialise in manual therapy and exercise therapy for musculoskeletal and sport injuries.


I was also able to gain experience in post-operative and cardio-respiratory rehabilitation as well as chest physiotherapy for children with respiratory problems.

Driven by my desire to keep learning, I took up training in osteopathy (MSc in Osteopathic Medicine).


I consult in English and Dutch and I also have a good knowledge of French.

Currently I work together with a variety of general practitioners at Berlaymont Health Center in Brussels and Huisartsen Plus in Kessel-Lo

  • Msc. Rehabilitation sciences and physiotherapy (Catholic University Leuven 2014)​​

  • Msc. Osteopathic medecine (International academy of osteopathy in collaboration with the Bucks University UK 2020)

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